Miley Cyrus 17th Birthday Party

Well look what we have here, everybody's favorite teenage role model is celebrating her 17th birthday this week. And she even dressed proper for the big party.

Miley Cyrus needs to figure out which audience she wants to appeal to, and quit playing with the hearts of today's youth.

Quit playing games with our heart, Miley...If that is you're real name...

This week shes blowing out candles on a birthday cake, next week she might be trying out those disgraceful dance moves of that weird guy with all the makeup.


  1. Wow...such a whore

  2. miley im onley 13 and a lot of children look up to you and i dont want any of my girl family members looking up to some one who is starting to look like a hoe, iv been your fansince you started beeing hannah but its getting to out there. STOP SHOWING OFF YOUR BODY!

  3. hey dont hate on her... shes obvi trying to break free from the audience Disney shoved down her throat... its her life... payceee bitches

  4. miley ... i no that u r trying to 'break out' of disney channel but lill girls r still locking up to u so.. take a break and see what side u r on!!

  5. miley, miley, miley. i have always looked up to you, you were like a role model, but ever since you started trying to "break out" of disney channel i dont think of you as a role model i think of you as a slut.

  6. ok we get it. you can't be tamed

  7. hey, it's her life. it's her choice to make. if she wants to look like a cock eating whore and showing her body off to tease men's cocks into huge throbbing pulsing erections, that's her choice. if she likes to look like a cock gobbling cum eating whore then she has that right. this is America. you don't have not one single tiny speck of a right to inflict your beliefs on her. she does what she wants as long as she isn't hurting anyone.

  8. It is not her job to be anyone role model.
    Parents should be their kid's role model.She has every right to do whatever makes her happy even if it means showing skin. That outfit does not make her look slutty, more like sexy. Rock on girl!

  9. The girl is still young!!!!!!!!! Leave her alone, she's just starting her life. Miley has the right to do as she pleases and have fun doing it. Now all you haters get off her pleasssssssssssseee!!!

  10. all i can say is get a life if you dont want to look up to her than its your business!!! If you dont like the way she dresses DONT WATCH HER!!! I say go ahead Miley and be who you want to be!!

  11. To eaches own.
    you do you and she will do her. Some adults that you look up to now have been there and done that as well. It's a stage of some people life that they go throw. It's all about growing up, and Miley is growning up.
    With a lot of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go girl, but please stay away from drugs and be safe.

  12. let here be that slutty
    now we have something to look at :)

  13. haha omg u guys are being freaking rediculas when she started the show hannah montana she was 14... going on 15 ok that means she is still young well guess wat people she grew up and shes finding her self and her style oh wait wat she was wearing was a style and y would u call her a hoe or a slut,, if she was ur role modle if she was ur role modle u wouldnt have a problem of wat she wears,,, AND IM 14 AND I DONT EVEN WATCH HER SHOW OR LISTEN TO HER MUSIC BUT I CAN ATLEAST GIVE HER CREDIT FOR GROWING UP..... Y DONT U DO THE SAME AND BTW IF U WERE A FAN U WOULD KNO HER NAME WAS DESTIANY HOPE U IDIOTS

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